Autism Center for Marriage and Life Skills

We offer a unique independent subsidized counseling center for English speaking Special Needs adults. We specialize in high functioning individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder [ASD] (Asperger’s Syndrome and PDD) in their 20’s and older, who are able and are looking to marry. For younger clients, the emphasis is on life skills building , social, and behavioral development.


We also offer private individual therapy counseling to those individuals  who can not enroll in the full time program.  We gear this service to those individuals and personalize this to their needs.    This one—on –one therapy  is geared to develop greater life and social skills.   


This center is geared to train, counsel, motivate, and give hope to our clients through education, counseling, training, and hands-on-programs.  The focus of the center is to build self-esteem and confidence looking at the strengths and weakness hidden within each individual. In addition, we will be assessing the emotional and habitual crutches, which hamper their upward growth and development. The evaluation and work in these sensitive areas will eventually produce positive healing results increasing independence and productivity. Our goal is to assist these beautiful individuals to be able to get married and lead a healthy and productive life.


Practical workshops in skills building are part of our program in order to develop deep, meaningful, and loving lasting relationships. Our clients come to realize that marriage is not a dream but a reality that they can experience through, determination and hard work .Together, we can examine life’s mistakes and negative behaviors. We aim to help them think positively, focusing on awareness, communication, social and life skills, relationship building, commitment, empathy, gratitude, and intimacy.  These individuals experience self-growth and introspection, which will challenge their belief systems. This process of self-growth enables their emotions, feelings, and thoughts to grow and mature, and to apply them appropriately. Other areas of training include budgeting, business ethics, job interview skills, job training, job placement, dating, courting, and building a home. This is an individualized program geared for rapid growth and change. This therapeutic treatment and training program is healing, dramatic, and life changing.


 The Center takes on the responsibility of becoming Case Managersto assist and guide the clients in match making, working closely with parents, wedding preparations, maneuvering within the bureaucratic system, finances, subsidized housing and home visits.


In the future, the expanded program will include a multi-media Torah and cultural room, lectures, cultural events, touring trips, and singles events.


For more information on the Autism Center for Marriage and Life Skills, please read The Jerusalem Post’s article Helping Adults With Autism Marry”.    

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Autism Center for Marriage and Life Skills

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Autism Center for Marriage and Life Skills

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We are seeking committed individuals, families, and groups with caring hearts who will help us financially to:


1. Continue our life changing program, activities, and goals

2. Partner with us in subsidies and scholarships.  (For those who can’t afford to pay)

3. Assist us in building a permanent warm home for the Autism Center for Marriage and Life Skills


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Autism Center for Marriage and Life Skills Donation Video


Please donate to the Autism Center for Marriage and Life Skills for those individuals that don’t have the financial resources and means to pay for treatment they desperately seek and need your help.


Here’s where your money will go to work:


* Preparing Autistic and Special Needs Men and Women to get married

* Subsidizing treatment and counseling for those in need due to their low socio-economic background 

* Providing personalized interpersonal relationship counseling for individuals and    couples

* Match making and wedding preparations

* Working closely with both sets of parents and mediating difficulties

* Case management and after care for all couples and home visitations

* Married couples groups and workshops

* Training, job placement, and constant evaluations of the client

* Affordable housing 

Thanking you in advance for caring, sharing and giving.   Mazel Tov!!

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