The Yeshiva Bnei Simcha utilizes the campus of the American style Yeshiva Mevaseret Zion. There is 24 hour security guard on the premises. Our students are integrated with the other American students for davening, meals, tiyulim, afternoon Torah classes,  chesed program, special activities, and Shabbatonim.  Our staff works closely with the Yeshiva Mevaseret Zion Rebbaim and administration.


Mevaseret Zion  is a quiet, rustic, safe and secure  community with all the amenities of a modern town. Located away from the hustle and bustle of city life, it provides an ideal environment conducive to learning and personal growth. At the same time, a short 15-minute bus ride takes students to Jerusalem. Buses from Mevaseret Zion to Jerusalem are frequent (every 15-20 minutes). A bus schedule is available on the Egged website: www.egged.co.il





















Dormitory rooms all contain high-quality furniture, closets, air-conditioning, heating, bathrooms, and showers.






























During free time, students can enjoy a game of basketball or a ping-pong match, relax on the grass,
Mevaseret indoor gym, work out in our fully outfitted weight room or walk 15 minutes to the Mevaseret Mall for grocery shopping or to enjoy a falafel or pizza. The students  can also take a short stroll to the nearby shopping center across the road from the Yeshiva with a barber, grocery store and Burgers' Bar for students convenience. The Mevaseret Mall also contains a post-office, bank, supermarket, photo and computer stores, book and stationery stores and many other retail outlets so the students an purchase almost anything they might require without having to leave Mevaseret Zion. Students have access to vending machines, laundry facilities, music room, exercise room, and computers.



































The dining hall offers the students a rich and varied breakfast, a dairy lunch and meat dinner which are mehadrin  Three well balanced nutritious meals are served every day by a professional chef in the Yeshiva's large and well-equipped dining hall.  There is a special breakfast menu on Rosh Chodesh with bagels, spreads, puddings and rogelach, as well an abundant and delicious Shabbat menu of the highest quality food including a combination of traditional and Israeli dishes. Chagigot and chagim comprise of an upgraded menu with a variety of gourmet foods all prepared  by the chef. Maximum effort is made to accommodate special food needs.











YBS Campus


Yeshiva Bnei Simcha Room

Ephraim Rosensweig and Ephraim Sherr learning Halacha with Rabbi Reuven Ashenberg

(C) Yeshiva Bnei Simcha 2010

Yeshiva Campus

Dining Room Hall

Benny Wachspress Learning Excel 2003 On The Computer.

Yeshiva Beis Medrash

Benny Wachspress and Ephraim Sherr learning Gemara Megila with Rabbi Shmuel Landsman

"Yeshiva Bnei Simcha for men with Aspergers Spectrum Disorders

 and Learning Disabilities."

Thanksgiving Dinner with Dan Kpher, Rabbi Yisroel Wenglin, Ephraim Sherr, Benny Wachspress, Ephraim Rosensweig, and the Mevaseret Zion Students.