YBS Mainstreaming


Mainstreaming is a vital part of our program  to allow the students to integrate and be able to reach their growth and potential in a regular American Yeshiva program. The students mainstream with Yeshiva Mevaseret Zion students  for davening, meals, afternoon Torah classes and lectures, chesed program, special activities, and tiyulim.  Half of the curriculum of Yeshiva Bnei Simcha is dedicated to mainstreaming our students. The Torah classes that are offered are: Life Cycles, Sephardic Halacha, Know Thyself, Why Am I Doing This, The Parsha Within, Prophet Profiles, Pirkei Avot, and Independent Study Program. 


To read the daily mainstreaming schedule for Yeshiva Bnei Simcha students, click: Mainstreaming Schedule

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Davening Mincha  in the Bais Medrash

Ephraim Rosensweig and Ephraim Sherr davening Mincha in the Bais Medrash with the students of Yeshiva Mevaseret Zion.

Schmoozing with Mevaseret Zion Rebbe

Benny Wachspress and Ephraim Sherr schmoozing with Rabbi Yehuda Mirsky during lunch.

Lunch Time Meal

Ephraim Rosensweig and Benny Wachspress eating lunch with the students of  Yeshivat Mevaseret Zion.

Mainstreaming with Rabbi Kfir Dadon Class

Ephraim Rosensweig learning “Sephardic Halacha” in a mainstream class with Rabbi Kfir Dadon on Monday

and Thursday from 3:15 to 4:10 PM.

Mainstreaming with Rabbi Wenglin’s Class

Ephraim Sherr is learning “Joy of Being a Jew” in a mainstream class with Rabbi Yisroel Wenglin on Sunday and Thursday from 3:15 to 4:10 PM.

Mainstreaming with Rabbi Burg’s Class

Ephraim Rosensweig is learning “Life Cycles” in a mainstream class with Rabbi Mordechai Burg on Sunday from 3:15 to 4:10 PM.

Mainstreaming Learning during Breakfast

Ephraim Rosensweig, Benny Wachspress, and Ephraim Sherr mainstreaming in a Torah breakfast class with Rabbi Yaakov Pizem.

"Yeshiva Bnei Simcha for men with Aspergers Spectrum Disorders

 and Learning Disabilities."