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Benjee Saltzman



Benjee Saltzman has worked  in outreach and volunteered  helping  a  program for developmental disabled children.  He has studied in various yeshivout and is a dedicated,  responsible, and loving staff member of our yeshiva.  He has participated   in many in service training  seminars and workshops in the area of special needs.



Rabbi Shmuel Landsman

Rebbe Teacher



Rabbi Shmuel Landsman has worked in Special  Education for several years with a wealth of experience. He is an excellent story teller and a wonderful tour guide. He is also a director of Special Needs Summer Program for learning disabled children.          



Rabbi Reuven Ashenberg

Director of Education and Programing     


As well   as being a dynamic teacher of Torah subjects, Rabbi Reuven Ashenberg takes care of all the educational and programming aspects of the Yeshiva.  He is also a computer expert and in charge of implementing  extracurricular activities in the Yeshiva. Reuven holds daily rap sessions with the students to  discuss various aspects of the program and giving  the students opportunities to express themselves in a group setting.  He holds a B.A. in Special Ed., Certified Teacher of the handicapped  and an M.A. in Special Ed. in Developmental Disability.  Rabbi Ashenberg is presently affiliated with the Council for Exceptional Children (CEC).


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Rabbi Dr. Meir Zev Weiner

Dean and Director of Therapeutic Services 


Rabbi Dr. Meir Zev Weiner is our Dean of the Yeshiva and he teaches life skills, counsels, and sees each student independently in a loving therapeutically and psychological setting.  He focuses on behavioral change, self growth, interpersonal communications, building personal identity, getting in touch with students inner feelings, spiritual healing, and an awareness of their environment.  Rabbi Dr. Weiner served as a Rabbi, psychologist, counselor, and educator with developmentally disabled adults, drug-addicts, youth, elderly, prisoners, and other at-risk groups.  Rabbi Weiner is a senior staff lecturer at Refuah Institute which trains and certifies Religious counselors. He is a New York State certified school and addiction counselor.


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Students of  Yeshiva Bnei Simcha

Benny Wachspress has been with Yeshiva Bnei

Simcha for the past 5 years. He is working  at Holy Bagels in Jerusalem and  enjoys his work.  Benny is our expert Hebrew translator since he is native in Israel. He learnt about Windows XP and is currently learning Microsoft Office Excel for his upcoming computer course.

Tuvia Weil loves to entertain by singing. He wrote his own pamphlet of  divrie Torah with gamatrias and shares it with everyone.  He has produced four cd’s of songs he created  and is currently working on his fifth album.  Tuvia performs professionally in the music field.

To listen to music by Tuvia Weil from his second album called

Mi Sh’asa Nisim of the song Vani B’rov Chasdecha click here: Vani B’rov Chasdecha

Benjee Saltzman, Rabbi Reuven Ashenberg,

Rav Meir Zev Weiner, and Rabbi Shmuel Landsman




          We have assembled a professional staff of Rabbis, teachers, and healers that have extensive experience working with students with moderate special needs and learning disabilities.

Ephraim Rosensweig is currently working on making alyiah to Israel and loves to speak Hebrew with everyone.  Currently, Ephraim is  working on becoming an assistant madrich in the Yeshiva.  Ephraim has an keen interest in music, nature and writing poetry. 

Ephraim Sherr has a talent  and love of doing magic. He can perform card tricks, slight of hand tricks, and loves to entertain as a clown.  He loves to draw and   be creative in his writing.  The Yeshiva hopes to see a performance of Ephraim on stage this year.














































































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