YBS Past Students

Ari Levine was a student in the Yeshiva for 2008-2009 school years.† He has a lot of experience in the food industry and he loves to cook delicious meals.† He worked as an assistant in the kitchen in Yeshiva Mevaseret Zion. Ari is currently a full time student at Queensborough Community College in NYC, where he is studying Hebrew. He hopes to return to Israel soon.

Avi Wigoda was the founding student of Yeshiva Bnei Simcha for the 2002-2004 school years.† He is currently in the US working for his fatherís law firm and† contributes by filing court papers, billing and answering a sophisticated phone system. Avi† has become an expert marksman and competes in this arena. He has gone through an unbelievable transformation in which he can hear again thereby† enabling him to develop closer relationships with his family and communicate his feelings more.

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"Yeshiva Bnei Simcha for men with Aspergers Spectrum Disorders

†and Learning Disabilities."