(C) Yeshiva Bnei Simcha 2010

Chanukah Party at Yeshiva Mevaseret Zion on December 13th 2009

Dancing at Chanukah Party at Yeshiva Mevaseret Zion

Benny with two students of Yeshiva Mevaseret Zion having a great time at the Chanukah party on December 13th 2009.

Bnei Simcha Rebbe and Student Dancing

Rabbi Reuven Ashenberg dancing with Benny Wachspress and having a great time as the Yeshiva Mevaseret Zion students look on at the YMZ Chanukah party.

Bnei Simcha Students Dancing

Ephraim Rosensweig and Benny Wachspress dancing at the Chanukah party with Yeshiva Mevaseret Zion students.

Click to watch Ephraim and Benny dancing at the Yeshiva Mevaseret Zion party in a video WMV file format: Chanukah† Dancing Video

Group Photo of Students of YMZ and YBS together

Tuvia Weil and Benny Wachspress together with fellow students of Yeshiva Mevaseret Zion at the Chanukah† party.

Special Chanukah Show at YMZ

Benny Wachspress sitting with fellow Yeshiva Mevaseret Zion students during a special Chanukah show with several† Rebbeim of Yeshiva† Mevaseret Zion -† Rosh Yeshiva Rav Shimon Isaacson, Rabbi Mordechai Burg, Rabbi Daniel Steinherz,† Rabbi Yehuda Mirsky, Rabbi Dovid Goldberg, and Rabbi Simcha Tropp.†

Student dancing with Yeshiva Mevaseret Zion

Benny Wachspress dancing with Rabbi Simcha Tropp, fellow Mevaseret Zion student and Rabbi Barak Saffer† from Yeshiva Mevaseret Zion.

Student Singing Special Song

Tuvia Weil singing a special song from his fifth album which is not yet produced with Rí Naftali Abramson accompanying along on the guitar and the students of Yeshiva Mevaseret Zion singing and dancing along too.

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