These are pictures of the students, staff, Rebbe’s at special Yeshiva events through out the year at Yeshiva Bnei Simcha.  Please click on the picture to see and read more about it.

Text Box: Moshe Rabbenu’s Yarzeit
Text Box: Rabbi Reuven Ashenberg giving shiur on  the Yarzeit of Moshe Rabbenu 
 March 3rd 2009
Text Box: Siyum of Gemara Brachos and Yarzeit of Moshe Yosef’s father

Completion of Navi Shoftim

Text Box: Celebration of completion of Navi Shoftim of 
Benny and Ari
March 31st 2009
Text Box: Yom Hazicaron
Text Box: Discussion of Yom Hazicaron on Biblical Soldiers and the four Israeli soldiers 
April 21st 2009
Text Box: Ari’s GoodBye
Text Box: Ari’s goodbye party in Yeshiva 
June 21st 2009
Text Box: BirCkat Hamazon

Completion of First Paragraph of Birckat Hamazon June 28 2009


Text Box: Yarzeit and Benny’s Birthday

Rabbi Reuven Ashenberg’s brother’s yarzeit and Benny’s birthday on

Dec 24th 2009

Text Box: Ephraim Sherr’s 19th BiRthday party
Text Box: R’ Ashenberg’s
Birthday party
Text Box: Rabbi Ashenberg celebrating his 40th birthday in the Yeshiva on
 February 9  2010

Completing Three sefarim

Text Box: Completion of Gemara Megillah, Shmuel Navi Aleph, and Rambam on Hilchot Teshuva 
June 28th 2010

Siyum and End of Year Certificates

Text Box: Photo’s Coming Soon

Pictures of Special Yeshiva Events

Date: 07/18/2010

Text Box: Completion of 2nd Perek of Brachos, Sefer Rambam on Deot and Talmud Torah, and end of year certificates.
July 15th 2010
Text Box: Ephraim Yehuda celebrating his 19th birthday in the Yeshiva
February 7 2010
Text Box: Siyum of completing Gemara Brachos and Yarzeit of Moshe Yosef’s father Asher Ben Moshe
March 8th 2009


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YBS Special Events

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