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YBS Torah Classes by the Rosh Yeshiva

Gra’s 4 Step Program

June 23rd 2009

Rosh Yeshiva Giving Shiur

Rav Meir Zev Weiner giving a shiur on “Gra’s 4 Step Program” to the YBS Yeshiva on June 23rd 2009.

Click to read the shiur on List of Items in a Word document: List of Items

Click to listen to Gra’s 4 Step Program in mp3 format: Gra’s 4 Step Program

Rosh Yeshiva and Blackboard

Rav Meir Zev Weiner pointing to the blackboard on the Gra’s 4 step program.


1) What’s it made of—material—   Chomer


2) Form and Shape                       -  Seira


3) Action– How do you use it   -     Pe’ula


4) Purpose of it                             - Tachlis




Black Team

Blue Team

Black team is Moshe Yosef and Rabbi Reuven Ashenberg

Blue team is Rabbi Shmuel Landsman and Benny

Staff of Blue Team

Benjee is a new member of the blue team with Rabbi Shmuel Landsman.

Students  Listening to the Shiur

Benny and Moshe Yosef  listening to the shiur on Gra’s  4 Step Program.